Convergence Jukebox Downloads

Convergence Jukebox 2

Convergence Jukebox 2 is the latest version being developed. It builds upon the original Convergence Jukebox Code Base. It can be downloaded from it’s Github page. As it’s in development refer to the readme on the page for instruction on how to run it.

Convergence Jukebox For Raspberry Pi

This is a self booting working version of Convergence Jukebox .img file for Raspberry Pi computers built on Raspian Wheezy for an 8 gig SD card. Once downloaded unzip the file then burn the convergencejukeboxpi.img file onto an 8 gig SD card in the same manner you would write an operating system to an SD card ( Once completed boot it on your Pi.

Download Convergence Jukebox .img File For 8gig SD Card

Convergence Jukebox For Windows

This is as a self extracting winzip file that does not require you to have Python 2.7 installed your Windows computer. If you’re unfamiliar on how how to install this package refer to the Frequently Asked Questions – Convergence Jukebox Version 0.4 guide at

Download Convergence Jukebox For Windows v0.4.exe

Convergence Jukebox GitHub Site

This is the home base for the Convergence Jukebox source code written in Python. You can download source or fork projects from this site. For more information you can consult the Convergence Jukebox FAQ at or

Go To Convergence Jukebox GitHub Site


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