Convergence Jukebox Windows EXE Now In Testing


Update: The strange looking image above is of a test of a working Convergence Jukebox Windows executable operating simultaneously on six differnt windows computers. They range from computers with Intel ATOM cpu’s through to Intel i7’s. The software setup was consistent on all six windows computers that I tested the executable on. They range from windows 7 to 10 computers some with no Python installed on them. This is a screenshot of my monitoring setup.

The problem I was having (for the last three days) was in the exe version the screen was not updating as the songs changed. The music kept playing but the screen updater was flaky once converted to an executable. It seems to be working consistently now. I switched from the cz_freeze to the py2exe software and py2exe appears to have done the job.

Even though my last post indicated I was putting the windows executable aside, I decided to persevere and I finally had success. The release, which I expect to be within the next seven days will work on Windows computers without Python installed. I am working on this release pretty much full time. One good thing that came out of this was that some features were added including a whole bunch of dropbox integration……



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