Convergence Jukebox 0.4

We just added a patch to the original version of Convergence Jukebox bringing it up to version 0.4. If you’re having trouble getting a coin machine functioning directly with Convergence Jukebox run coinreader.exe. It’s a Python program that waits for the <x> key to be pressed. When it’s run coinreader.exe creates a file called credits.txt with 0 value. When coinreader.exe reads an <x> generated from a WeaveFuture Coin Acceptor it adds a credit the credits.txt file.

When Convergence Jukebox senses the credits.txt file it looks for a change to credits.txt 60 times per minute. When it senses an update the credits are are reflected immediately on the GUI. If no credits.txt file is found Convergence Jukebox acts exactly like it did in version 0.3. When a credit is used it’s subtracted from the credits.txt file and the Jukebox GUI screen is updated.