New Look Convergence Jukebox 2.0 Designs And Opening Animation

Here are the latest designs of the Convergence Jukebox KIVY based opening screen with its new retro look. As well I added some more test animation or the opening screen. As I complete the software the blue oval will update users about where they are in the start-up sequence as the records shuffle via animation.

I need to attribute the Creative Commons graphic elements used in this sequence;

Convergence Jukebox 2.0 More Designs

Convergence Jukebox 2.0 Design


Convergence Jukebox KIVY Animation Sample Opening Screen Test

A preliminary version of Convergence Jukebox 2.0’s KIVY based opening screen. The records inside the jukebox will spin at start while the software retrieves or builds the database of songs. The blacked out area will provide visual feedback of the progress of either the building or the loading of the database.