New Convergence Jukebox Artwork

New Convergence Jukebox Montage


New Convergence Jukebox Rendered With Filters

Above are some early Inkscape SVG renders of some of the Artwork that will be animated and used in future versions of Convergence Jukebox. SVG provides very sharp and detailed vector graphic renders.

Convergence Jukebox New Rotating 45RPM Feature In Development

It’s taken some time but this video shows the first demonstration of the new rotating 45RPM record display developed for Convergence Jukebox 2.0 using Kivy. It will be added at a future date. The code will not only include the ability to rotate the record as shown above, but also the ability to generate the 45RPM records Artist/Title labels on the fly for immediate display. The code for this application is available on GitHub at and at