Convergence Jukebox 2.0 Will Feature #Kivy GUI.

For the record I haven’t stopped developing Convergence Jukebox. I’m looking at a number of new features and improved interoperability. I spent the last several months working towards additional features and have developed initial code that includes;

  • An additional module that searches Wikipedia and returns Artist info as song is playing for possible display.
  • A panel that allows one to select Genres, Year Range and Artist names for random play
  • The ability to search by typing in artist or song names to narrow searches down.
  • A module that will add “The” to bands whose names begin with the while maintaining alphabetical order.
  • Animation that will potentially show a 45RPM record spinning with artist name and title while music is playing.

To add all these features to Convergence Jukebox I decided that I could no longer work with tkinter. So I opted to learn Kivy after reading about it’s many features that seem much more modern in its design. So today I proud to display a development image of Convergence Jukebox 2.0 with it’s main screen being rendered by Kivy. It will look pretty familiar displaying all of the objects positioned on the screen required to be functional in it’s initial release. Here’s what it looks like;


I’m hoping that a Kivy version will be much easier to package for Windows, Mac and Raspberry PI. As well Kivy offers a path to an Android and IOS version using its Python Code base.

You can find more about what I’ve been learning about Kivy by following a series of blogposts starting with Kivy For The Non Computer Scientist – Part 1: Making It Simple. And more specifically you can look at Kivy For The Non Computer Scientist – Part 17: Making Natural Looking GUI’s Using Kivy’s Float Layout.