December 26 Update – Trying to make a Windows Executable for Convergence Jukebox

I’m going to switch gears away from trying to create a windows executable for Convergence Jukebox for a while. I’ve worked extensively on trying to create windows executables for the two main programs that make up convergence jukebox… Painful. I consulted the official Python Distribution Utilities page looking for answers but didn’t find anything that looked like it would work without spending a lot of time.


I’ve tried py2exe and I can’t find a way to trace the problem with the GUI program. Even worse after ensuring I had the most up to date python versions and installing them onto my development machines, py2exe won’t pip install into my 2.7 version of Python. It keeps wanting to install the python 3 version?!?


I’ve tried pyinstaller but it won’t include Tkinter in the executable because of some undocumented problem between PIL and FixTK?!?


This afternoon I tried cx_freeze and finally got the GUI  going for the first time but then ran into problems getting the Convergence Jukebox player engine going. Creating Windows executables with the tools available can be a real challenge in a complex program.

There are suggestions on the net to try Inno Setup or something else called bbfreeze but this looks to me like this can get really complex and could easily take a week to sort out. So I’m going to steer the ship towards posting working python code only. Windows users will have to install Python 2.7 code on their computers if they want to use it. Perhaps I can get back to it another day or someone in the community picks it up as a project in the future.

Still working on posting this code….. I haven’t gone away…


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