Delays With Convergence Jukebox

I’ve made some progress in my efforts to release the Convergence Jukebox code over the past few days. Given that it’s Christmas time there are a lot of family events but plenty of open spots where I can work on the codes release.

Over the past day or so I’ve managed to figure out GIT and GitHub enough so I can post the code. I’ve also modified the code by adding the licence information, creating a break in the program so users can add MP3’s to the appropriate music directory so it will work on its second boot and I’m in the process of building some exe’s to make its installation on windows as simple as possible.


In running both pyinstaller and py2exe to create those exe’s I’ve run into a snag (shown above). My latest thinking at the time of this post is that it’s being caused because the windows executable is looking for the graphic that’s not being added to the compile. As a result the exe crashes at the point it looks for the graphic. I’ve found what I believe are the appropriate references for pyinstaller but it’s going to take me some time to figure it out…. So all I can say is I’m working on it as best I can…

Stay tuned…..

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