Convergence Jukebox Python Code Soon To Be Released Under A GNU V3 General Public License

Convergence Jukebox is open source Python based software that has been written to emulate a “retro” style jukebox. The type of jukebox that was popular in bars, restaurants and recreation areas during the 1950’s and 60’s. The initial release version of Convergence Jukebox runs on a Windows based computer with Python 2.7 installed. The Convergence Jukebox source code will be distributed from its GitHub page to encourage others to further modify the software, adapt it to other platforms and to add features.

JukeboxInterfaceAtTime Of Release

Convergence Jukebox Release Skin 2016. Includes Separate Song Search and Status Screens.

Convergence Jukebox In Beta

Convergence Jukebox In Beta On Python Enabled Windows 7 Computer In 2014

Written from scratch over the past three years by Brad Fortner of Convergence Communications, Convergence Jukebox plays properly formed ID3 tagged mp3 media. The Jukebox can be controlled for “personal” use by your computer keyboard but is better operated with a USB keypad such as a Pi Engineering USB keypad. Its output resolution is modifiable allowing it to connect to inexpensive computer, laptop or TV displays with its “retro look and feel”. It can even be connected to bill, coin or card acceptors such as a WeaveFuture Coin Acceptor via USB for “pay to play” situations.

Convergence Jukebox is written in Python allowing it to be cross platform. It is licensed with a GNU V3 General Public License that guarantees end users (individuals, organizations, companies) the freedoms to run, study, share (copy), and modify the software. It’s perfectly suited as a Jukebox software base for the Maker community as it can be easily modified and adapted.


Convergence Jukebox GUI Screen During Beta Test On Raspberry Pi Hardware Fall 2013

To test its potential for interoperability, in 2014 the software was operated successfully on a Raspberry Pi 1. Only slight software modifications were required to make it operate in the Raspberry Pi and that was code adaptations to adapt the code to from a Windows based to a linux based mp3 player. During its development, which is now approximately three years, Convergence Jukebox has been running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a Toronto based service organization. It’s been pretty well road tested.

Currently Brad Fortner is in the process of finalizing the software to be published, setting up the GitHub site for distribution and finalizing the licensing details. Expect to see the GitHub site lit up shortly.


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